Lounging at Middle Lagoon

After spending some time in Broome (stay tuned for those adventures!) we headed up the Dampier Peninsula to the the North.  Everyone we had spoken to had told us how lovely it was up there and we were not disappointed.


Panorama of Middle Lagoon taken from our campsite. Best. Campsite. EVER!

For six nights we stayed at Middle Lagoon, which is on the Western side of the Peninsula, about two thirds of the way up.  We managed to score a spot on ‘The Ridge’ which directly overlooked the bay and was absolutely beautiful!  Everyday was calm and still, the water was warm and safe (ish) to swim in.

We spent five heavenly days swimming, fishing, snorkelling, reading and watching (and attempting photograph) the sunset.  The kids were excited to find some friends they had made at the caravan park in Broome had also come to stay at Middle Lagoon for a few days too.  The amount of people we have met along the way doing the same as us has been amazing.



One of many sunsets!

We briefly interrupted our busy schedule of bliss to take a day trip to the tip of the Peninsula on the Wednesday.  We had a lovely day where we visited the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.  Here we went on a tour of the farm, had a lovely lunch and had a swim in the infinity pool.

Next we headed to One Arm Point where we visited the Aquaculture hatchery and went to Round Rock where we were able to watch the quick flowing tide heading out of King Sound.

Our final stop for the day was Cape Leveque itself where we had a little look at the beach and the lighthouse.


The beach at Cape Leveque

It had been a absolutely blissful six days and we were reluctant to leave, but incoming rain and jobs to do in Broome saw us head back in time for Staircase to the Moon.



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  1. Thanks to the Cleggett Clan for your wonderful posts. Love reading about your travels.

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  2. Jeeze this is painful to read. So bloody jealous! Nailed the sunset photos btw

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  3. Why did Lizzie give Lilly a Pearl? (Kate)

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