Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Written By Lily Cleggett

On Thursday Mum, Dad, Lockie and I went to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm because I had a surprise from Lizzie waiting there.

First we went to the gallery to pick up my surprise.  It was a Keshi Pearl from Lizzie.  It was a tear drop shaped pearl and it was really pretty.  I loved it!  Thank you Lizzie for my Keshi Pearl.  A Keshi pearl grows without anyone having to help it.

Then we went to do the tour.We learned that some pearls are silver, some are gold, some are pink, some are blue and some are black.  The pearls grow in oyster shells. They put a seed called a nucleus inside the shell.  Then they put it in the water so the pearls can grow. The pearl grows and they can take it out.  We watched the lady take a pearl out.  The colour of the pearl that the lady took out of the oyster was silver.

A pearl in the shell

The lady taking the pearl out

How they get the pearls

Oyster shells

The lady showed us lots of different pearls and she showed us a gold pearl.  She put a pearl necklace that cost $250 000 around my neck.

All the pearls

This is the circle pearl

Pearls in the shell

This is what is inside the pearl

Then we went home and I showed my friends the Keshi pearl.

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  1. I love pearls Lily! Hint, hint šŸ˜‰. Great writing Lily you definitely learned a lot

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  2. Hello Lily, what a lovely surprise for you. It would have been very interesting to see all the different. Pearls. I hope you are having a great time.

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  3. Lily, you are a super writer! Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure. What a special surprise receiving a gift from Lizzie.
    You must be eating all your vegetables because we all think you look grown up. Keep up the great learning on the road. We love seeing your pictures of your camp schools.

    We look forward to your next blog. Love from Room 7 šŸ™‚

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  4. There are a lot of facts I learnt from reading this, thanks from Oscar

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  5. Great writing, Lilly. You’ve shown me another place I’ll have to visit when we head up there. It’s amazing how something so beautiful grows inside such a plain shell. (P.S. The “A pearl in the shell” photo is amazing!)

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  6. Why Did Lizzie give Lilly a pearl (Kate)


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