Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park Broome

Written By Lockie Cleggett

On the 11th of May 2016, Camp Cleggett went to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Reserve in Broome. Located around 5kms north-east of Broome. The drive wasn’t too long.

Arriving at around 2:00pm Lily and I rushed to the massive fibreglass croc head entrance. After a few photos with the structure, we browsed through the souvenir store. Finally escaping Lily’s begging for a croc tooth necklace, we were welcomed by an algae infested pond full of seventy salties. It took Mum and Dad half an hour to convince me that they weren’t statues when one of the ‘statues’ blinked. I was freaked out of my mind!

Strolling through the park we came across ‘Zooey’, a massive 4.3 metre salty (saltwater, estuarine or indo-pacific crocodile).

Tons of bird cages made us stop. It was at that moment when the cutest dingo crossed our eyes. Passing it, a red boomer, who looked like he had been working out at the gym 24/7 for 5 years, posed limbs that would knock you out in one punch.

We decided to head back for the feeding tour at 3:00pm. The kids crowded on a elevated wooden platform after being told that they looked like chicken nuggets to crocs. The host let go of the chickens at the last second. He looked like his hand was going to get chomped off! After lots of jumping crocs. The tour ended and we decided to go back. What a time!


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  1. Wow Lockie I felt like I was a fully on the tour of the croc park with you!

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  2. How exciting, I would have been terrified with all those snappers about. Lovely story lockie, keep it up

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  3. Wow very detailed writing
    Lockie. It’s great reading about your adventures.🐷

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  4. Hi lockie that sounds really fun from Oscar

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  5. Awsomeness!! Brilliance!! Incredibleness!! Awesome engish.
    This comment was not helped by auto spell👮🏻🐱🐢🐳🐤

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  6. Malcolm Douglas was a great conservationist and documentary film maker. “Chicken nuggets” – Ha – Love it! I am making a list of all the great places you guys are showing us! Well written mate.

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  7. Did a crocodile bite you?( Hannah)

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