Up The Coast

After leaving Denham we were excited to explore parts of the coast that we had never been before as well as re-live some awesome places that held great memories.  We made an unplanned stop for the night in Carnarvon after we drove into town later than expected and were pleasantly surprised. As a kid we spent quite a few holidays in Carnarvon visiting two sets of our grandparents who loved to holiday up there.

We drove around and checked out the town and the kids had a play at the park on the foreshore before heading out to the one mile jetty.  Fond memories flooded back of days spent fishing out there with the Grandads as kids.

The next day we drove out to Quobba Blowholes on our way to Gnaraloo Station where we were staying.


The Beach at the Blowholes – Quobba


Bit cold for a swim!


The Blowholes


No carrots here! – Some very friendly horses try to jump in the car with us at Quobba Station.

Stopping to air down our tyres after checking out the blowholes, the kids and I stayed firmly put in the car, while a couple of horses roaming around in the middle of nowhere got extra friendly with us!

Once at Gnaraloo we pulled into 3 Mile Camp where we found our oceanside camp for the next two nights.


Five Star Location!


Enjoying the Gnaraloo Sunset 

The next day we drove up to Gnaraloo Bay to check out where the turtles at Gnaraloo hatch and make their way down to ocean. Although it wasn’t breeding season, the beach and bay were very beautiful.


Gnaraloo Bay


Another day – Another beautiful beach!


Lily leaves our calling card.


Couldn’t resist a dip!

The following day we left Gnaraloo and headed to Onslow where we camped on the Ashburton River.  It was a beautiful spot where we enjoyed trying to catch a few Mangrove Jack the next morning at the river mouth.  With no luck on the fishing front we headed in to Onslow for a quick look.

That day we drove to Point Samson, stopping in at Dampier to visit Red Dog on our way.


We spent the next three days in Point Samson.  This place has such a lovely feel to it.  The weather wasn’t great while we were there but we still had lots of fun.  We caught up with our cousins in Wickham and had a great time getting reacquainted after many years.  We visited the old town of Cossack, went fishing and enjoyed mud crabs, generously caught for us and cooked by our new favourite cousins!  I’m sorry to say I was having such a good time that I didn’t pull my camera out once!  So no Point Samson pics sorry – you’ll have to use your imagination or better still go and visit – it’s a great spot!

Our last stop before Broome was Eighty Mile Beach.  We had planned to stay a couple of nights but heavy rain in the area saw us wait an extra night at Point Samson while it cleared up a little.  The thought of getting wet and soggy in the camper trailer held little appeal!


Goes on for miles – 80 miles!


Shells and Coral Galore


Morning walk.


Lily looking for shells.


Me trying to get artistic!


Lockie sorts the shells back at camp.

Eighty Mile Beach is a great spot, where you can’t help but feel relaxed.  It would have been great to spend a few more days here, but unfortunately we had a schedule to stick to this time and we needed to head for Broome.

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  1. Such Great photos! I love the frozen waves on “Another Day – Another Beautiful Beach”.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looks so lovely, love the blog


  3. Hi travellers,

    Room 17 say hello! I loved those beach photos and the shell collecting. Where are you off to next? Lockie, we have been writing reports on rocks, braille, pseudoscorpions and greek gods this week. Your English class have presented them by making a 3D pyramid type of display. We have a week left before swimming starts. The footie team have done very well and have won every match in the Eagles Cup played every Friday. The netballers have had more of a challenge but Meg’s team won this Friday. We look forward to hearing about your next escapades! Take care. Mrs Sharpe


  4. Was shell beach big? Did it hurt your feet? (Jayde)


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