Dreaming of Denham

Our second stop saw us land in Denham for four nights.  We pulled into our site at the caravan park to find a family in a camper trailer next to us, also doing the lap, from NSW.  We found it strangely reassuring and went about setting up while the kids amused themselves on the giant magical jumping pillow, right next  our camp.  We loved this place already!

There was so much to see and do around the Shark Bay area I feel like we barely scraped the surface in the four days we were there.  Our first day we kicked back and got the term started at the Cleggett School of the Road.  After two days of driving it was nice to just relax for a bit.  We went for a stroll through town along the foreshore and generally just soaked up the beachness of it all!

Day two saw us head out to Monkey Mia to try our luck at getting chosen to feed the dolphins.  It turned out to be a lot less touristy than I imagined, we got to see oodles of dolphins and the kids got chosen to feed a dolphin named Surprise!  Throw in some emus strolling down the path, a decent cup of coffee and a a couple of strawberry milkshakes and we were all happy!


Monkey Mia


The shot you can never ever get and my favourite dolphin of the morning!


So many dolphins!


Waiting patiently


Emu strutting the boardwalk


Waiting for milkshakes!




The kiddos get to feed Surprise


Watching from the Jetty


Third feed of the morning

That afternoon we headed out to Eagle Bluff for some more amazing views.

Day three we drove out to Francois Peron National Park.  We had an absolutely amazing day.  Phil got to live out his dream of schucking oysters off the rocks and eating them fresh.

Then we headed to a few other spots- Bottle Bay, Cape Peron and Skipjack Point for some amazing views, including a tiger shark swimming below us at a lookout.

Today we headed out of Denham, feeling like we still had lots to see.  We didn’t get out to Steep Point and see the most Westerly point of Australia. It was just a bit too long for a day’s drive, but we’ve resolved to visit again one day to see all the things we didn’t.

On the way out we stopped in at Shell Beach, which was a lovely finish to our visit.  A beach made entirely of teeny tiny little shells, also the beach where the mermaids live (according to Lily).

Can’t wait to come back again!

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  1. Wow, What an amazing couple of days you have had! Eagle Bluff looks wonderful. Lilly is right, people HAVE seen Mermaids at Shell beach, I read it somewhere. 🙂


    • Hi Mr Summerfield,

      I found a clam shell at Gnaraloo. I fed a dolphin named Surprise and I saw a tiger shark. From Lily

      Hey Mr Summerfield

      Great to hear from you. Denham was mind-boggling. Feeding dolphins at Monkey Mia and seeing tiger sharks at the National Park, yeah, mind-boggling. Going to Shell Beach and seeing mermaids before deciding to camp at Carnarvon for the night. I couldn’t stop saying ‘WOW!’ at how the town and its OTC Satellite Dish helped with the first manned moon mission. Heading to Gnarloo, we stopped at Point Quobba blowholes we got to Gnarloo station. Doing my phys-ed, Me and Lily climed a massive Sand-dune. Now we’re camping alongside the Ashburton River and heading to Point Sampson in the morning after a good fish at the river mouth.


      • Wow kids! What an adventure. I went to Carnarvon & Karratha years ago (about 30!) I bet they have both changed a lot since then. Sorry I took so long to reply, I only saw your message today with the new “Up the Coast” post. “Surprise” is a nice name for a Dolphin, Lily, I bet she enjoyed your fish. Talk to you later. Mr S.


  2. Dear Lockie and family, Room 17 loved hearing about your journey so far. Linc says it’s been good at school. He has made a new friend called Jonah who has joined Hannans from Cardiff in Wales. We miss you heaps and look forward to receiving the next blog. Stay safe Cleggett family. Best Wishes Nicki Sharpe


    • Hi Room 17,
      Thanks for your message. It was great to hear from you. Denham was great, after feeding Dolphins at Monkey Mia and seeing a tiger shark from the marine park lookout. I don’t know how much greater this trip can get. Good to hear you’ve made a new mate Lincoln, I’ve met a few new friends too.
      Right now we are camped along the banks of the Ashburton River south of Onslow. Tomorrow we are going fishing in the river mouth and then heading to Point Sampson for two nights.
      Lockie and the Cleggetts


  3. Where are you going now, Lilly? – Reuel. We look forward to a new trip blog and a picture of the mermaids – Ocea. I can’t wait till you take a picture of the mermaids -Lizzie. Thank you for sharing the magical mermaid spot with us – Mya. What is your next adventure? – Bailey. A Tiger Shark would be amazing to see and a magical day to see a mermaid. You are very lucky – Tayah. Can’t wait to see your next pictures – Eli. I wonder what your next stop is and where it is – Olivia. Hi Lilly, I hope you had a great time feeding the hungry dolphin Surprise – Keeley. I hope you enjoy your next days as much as you enjoyed your mermaid day – Jyrle. I look forward to seeing your next pictures – Ian.


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