Bright Lights and Good Times- Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Arriving in Brisbane we set up camp and were very excited that our friends Anthea, Jack and Luke Davies were arriving the next day to spend a week with us. We had the greatest fun and spent the week catching up, looking around Brissy, visiting Australia Zoo and most importantly, cheering on the Doggies in the Grand Final! It was a great week and it was so fantastic to see some familiar faces from home.


Bit of shopping heaven right there!

Lily and Luke riding the train to Australia Zoo

Stevo and Lily!

Some very cute but smelly Koalas


After waving off the Davies family we spent the second week of the school holidays on the Gold Coast. Here we met up with Joels, Lee and our cousins/nephews Harrison, Ben and Oscar who flew over from Bunbury to see us. We rented a house on the canals of the Gold Coast, which seemed pretty flash to us after so long in the trailer! We visited Sea World, Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Dreamworld, White Water World and the Skydeck. We pretty much covered every theme park imaginable and had the time of our lives scaring our selves silly on all the rides!

These two weeks were great fun for everyone, especially the kids. They had so much fun they requested to write this blog post themselves, so from here on in I’ll hand it over to them and stick with supplying the photos!

We went to Australia Zoo with Mrs Davies, Jack and Luke. We saw Bindi feed a crocodile called Murray.


Lily’s hero  – Bindi and the Jungle Girls!

Bindi feeds Murray the Croc!

Then we went to the Gold Coast. We saw the Martins. We went to the theme parks. My favourite park was Dreamworld and my favourite ride was Scooby Doo at Movie World. It went backwards fast and you couldn’t see a thing at all. It was scary!


Ice-cream on the strip!

The Queen and the Joker



From the 25th of September to the 9th of October Camp Cleggett visited Brisbane and The Gold Coast. We were due to stay at each city for seven days, meeting some friends and family on the way.
We arrived at the capital city of Queensland on the six month mark of our trip, roughly around lunch time. We made lunch after setting up half way. Me and Lily ran off to the park’s playground while Mum and Dad set up the awning. We began to settle in to the holiday park. We went to bed early for a nice surprise in the morning to come. It was six o’clock in the morning when out beds were raided and overthrown by our friends The Davies, leaving two tired little Cleggett kids.
It wasn’t until ten am that me and Jack had breakfast then, once again, scuttling over to the park. At twelve pm the Davies rather large cabin was ready, we had lunch there. Dad was in heaven as the cabin had a dishwasher.

A couple of days forth we went to Australia Zoo. We saw lots of animals but Lily’s favourite thing was seeing Australian star Bindi Irwin feed the crocodile as well as sing with her band the jungle girls.
The week went fast but a greater one was yet to come.
We arrived at the Gold Coast on the second of October. We met our Aunty, Uncle and three cousins. We were all super excited for the theme parks. The first park was Sea World where we went on a couple of rides, but it was more about the animals.

That park was followed by MovieWorld.  I went on the Wild West Falls, Scooby Doo, Green Lantern and Road Runner.

The next park was Dreamworld.  All the rides there were awesome!! I went on Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, Wipeout, Tailspin, The Claw, Pandamonium and the Hot Wheels Sidewinder.


Good times at Dreamworld 

Next we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild.  I went on a few waterslides that are too hard to remember! After that we went back to Movie World and Uncle Lee, Ben, Harrison and I went on the Superman which went 100 kilometres an hour!!

We all had he time of our lives that was sure to stick in our heads!

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  1. This is enough fun to last a lifetime, surely. Lovely blogging Lily and lockie. Big kiss to everyone


  2. Aww we miss you guys so much


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