Here We Go!

So here we are.  We have finally hit the road on our big adventure and slowly starting to relax into our new groove.  It still doesn’t feel all that real yet, the lead up to hitting the road in the last month was frantic!

Determined to get on the road on the date we had set we packed up and said our goodbyes late into the night on Sunday as a steady stream of friends dropped by.  We did plan to get away at the crack of dawn, but after crawling into bed well after midnight the night before and doing a quick last round of visits and drop-offs, we finally drove out of Kal about four and a half hours behind schedule!

We barely made it past Menzies before passing friends on the side of the road and stopping for a chat.  We were supposed to be camping at Wooleen Station on our first night and we quickly realised that was not going to happen.  So our first night we camped out in the bush on the Rabbit Proof Fence between Sandstone and Mount Magnet.


Rabbit Proof Fence


Bush Camp!


Love a good Campfire

The next day we again had intentions of getting moving early, but instead we slept in and  had a relaxing start to the morning just trying to soak everything in and get our heads around the fact that we were actually doing this!

We travelled all day stopping at Mount Magnet for fuel, then to check out a little meteorite crater in the middle of nowhere, Wooleen Station for a quick visit, Murchison Settlement and The Overland Roadhouse before finally landing in Denham at 6pm.


Our first meteorite crater.  The smallest in Australia!


Random plane parked in the middle of absolutely nowhere!?


Ahhhhh! Denham!


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  1. Looks like fun so far, envious of campfire in the bush


  2. A great first post, Room 7 is very excited to see what you are all up to.

    Hope you are having a great time, Lily. From Room 7- Olivia. I can’t wait to see what you do next!! – Keeley. I can’t wait to see your next blog – Joshua. I hope you come back to see us at HPS – Lizzy. I hope you enoy your stops – Tayah. I hope you have a fun week on your adventures – Jyrle. I hope you have a great time enjoying all your different stops, Cleggett family – Cassidy.


    • To Room 7,

      I went to Monkey Mia and fed a dolphin and we went fishing. We are staying at Denham caravan park.

      Lots of love from Lily and the Cleggetts


  3. Hi Cleggetts, Your trip looks like it is all going well ! Super 😀 Keep living the dream xx


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