Uluru and the Road Home

After an amazing walk through Kings Canyon our day was not over.  We scooted back to Kings Creek Station to pack up our campers and then headed on our way to Uluru, another 300km journey.  We arrived at Yulara around lunchtime to set up camp in the resort campgrounds.  After being a little underwhelmed by our hot, dusty yet still rather pricey campsite we decided to head out to Kata Tjuta (or The Olgas) to and then on to Uluru to see the sunset.

Arriving at Kata Tjuta we decided to embark on our second walk for the day, this time only about an hour.  It was very hot and there were ALOT of flies.  Thank god for dorky looking fly nets!  Lily was not impressed with having to do another walk but thankfully we were rewarded with more amazing views.


Joels powerwalking through!


Kata Tjuta


Lily catches the shoulder taxi again

IMG_0884 IMG_0890 IMG_0896

Lockie and I playing photographers!

Lockie and I playing photographers!

After clocking up 16000 steps on the pedometer for the day (even with 3 hours of driving)  we were keen to watch the sunset over the rock.  So we headed off to the designated viewing area along with several hundred others to take in the view.  It was great to sit and take it all in after a busy day.


On of many photos of Uluru!


Every one has the same idea as us – who would’ve thought?

The  next day we headed off home through the Great Central road.  We stopped in at Lasseter’s Cave, saw loads of camels, got hit by a dust storm and shattered our back windscreen before pulling over for our last night of bush camping.  We celebrated by cooking a leg of lamb in the camp oven and having a few quieties before hitting the sack.

Up with the flies on Friday morning we were packed up and off on the road by about 6.30.  This was our last leg and we headed off a little sad/excited to heading home after such an epic trip.

We stopped off at Cosmo Newberry Community on our way through where I took up my first teaching post about 20 years ago and stayed for the next four years.  It was so great to see so many familiar faces again and hear what everyone is up to.  The kids got to see the school and the house where I lived as well as meet the kids of some of the students I taught.

After that we high tailed it back to Kalgoorlie, stopping for fuel at Laverton and a pub lunch at Leonora.

What can I say, we had the time of our life.

Next up we are off on the big trip at the end of April next year for nine months around Australia.  I have to say this trip has only made us more excited!

Stay tuned for the next chapter and thanks for reading so far!


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  1. Well, I’m glad your home but have enjoyed the blog. a
    Although I will miss you all I will enjoy your long trip next year if you do this again.

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