Living Like Kings

Tuesday morning saw us head off to Kings Creek Station where we would be staying the night in order to visit Kings Canyon a little further down the road.  We decided to take Ernest Giles Road after hearing reports about how bad the other road was. We were so glad we did as the road was fairly good with only a few corrugations.  We arrived at Kings Creeks station just before lunchtime.  

After setting up and a quick swim in the VERY cold pool we decided to head out to the Canyon early the next morning. The heat meant that the walk would have been closed at 9am.  


Our campsite at Kings Creek Station


Wine and bird watching , some of the afternoon activities!


Camp Cleggett


View from the station look out at sunset


So we got up with the sparrows the next morning  to walk Kings Canyon and completed the 5.5km Rim Walk.  It was a tough walk but the kids were troopers and even Lily only had to catch the shoulder taxi a couple of times.  We were glad we did though as we were rewarded with some spectacular scenery.


Thats alot of steps for five year old and an old girl with dodgy knees!


So many photos!


L & L , early in the climb and still smiling!


Contemplating life


Kings Canyon


Lonely wildflower


Garden of Eden


More of the Canyon


The perks of being 5


And a bit more Kings Canyon


Spot the tourist

Kings Canyon is definitely a must see. The walk gives you some amazing views and endless photo opportunities. 

Next stop Uluru and Kata Tjuta!



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  1. Beautiful photos. Good on you all for getting up early and doing the walk.XXX

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  2. Amazing scenery – so glad to be getting the opportunity to see these places – thanks Trace

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