A Town Like Alice

Pulling into Alice Springs on Thursday was exciting. We’d seen so much in the last few days so we were ready for a bit of R n R.  Luckily for us the caravan park we’d booked was like a magical kids wonderland with pools, water slides, bouncy pillows, parks, a games room, TV room and go-carts to keep them amused. The first day was spent going absolutely nowhere and loving it!

Saturday we headed into town in the morning to visit the Reptile Centre and Anzac Hill to take in the views before heading back to the park to watch the footy.


Lockie with an Olive Python


Lily and a blue tongue


Ruby the monitor


Terry the Saltie


Anzac Hill


The view from Anzac Hill

The next day we headed out for a drive through The West Macdonnell Ranges and visited Simpson’s Gap and Ellery Big Hole (unfortunate name, beautiful spot).


The walk to Simpsons Gap, probably no need for the sign!


Boys climbing rocks and lovin’ it!


The Gap


Dry riverbed


Kids braving the cold water at Ellery Big Hole


Ellery Big Hole – beautiful but cold!

Monday was our last day in Alice Springs before heading off on Tuesday morning. We did all the usual shopping and stocking up, had a few last swims and treated ourselves to dinner at the Juicy Rump. We were all reluctant to leave we’d had such a great time but still could have seen so much more.

Next stop Kings Canyon!


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  1. Looks like so much fun and the photos are wonderful – have a great time

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