Broome Time

The last three weeks have seen us spend an eight day stint followed by another five days in Broome. We have had lots of fun doing a few touristy things as well as catching up with friends who are lucky enough to live here.

During our first few days in Broome Lockie visited Broome Primary School where he was able to complete his NAPLAN testing.  He loved going into a different school and meeting new people and happily went off each morning for the nest three days to do his thing.

We took the opportunity to have coffee and milkshakes at every cafe in town, including Town Beach.

On the Wednesday we visited the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and are now scared silly to go near any water for the rest of the trip!  We got to see the crocs being fed and the kids got to hold a baby croc, which was pretty cool!

We spent a lovely afternoon at Crab Creek where the boys attempted to catch fish while I got eaten alive by the friendly sandflies and panicked about every single thing that floated past, thinking it was a croc. We didn’t catch a fish this time but Phil’s day was made when he managed to wrangle a mud crab,who happened to cross his path, for our entree that night.

We also tried our luck at Roebuck Bay, to no avail.

Lucky for the boys they got to spend a couple of days fishing out on the boat with friends where their catch was much better.

Cable Beach was lovely, as always, and we made plenty of visits.  We did the compulsory Camel Ride, watched the sunset and had a lovely drive along the beach.

On our last day we did a final drive down the beach to say goodbye to Broome.  The kids were horrified to discover that clothes were optional down on this part of the beach, with Lockie stating that he wanted to write a letter of complaint to the council!

Today we are heading off on the Gibb River Road, which is fairly remote stuff so there might not be a few blog posts for a while.  We can’t wait for this amazing adventure on our last leg of Western Australia.

We had lovely time in Broome -a lovely town with an amazing relaxed holiday vibe and great people.

P.S Thanks to everyone who has read the blog so far and commented – we all get very exited when someone responds to our posts!

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  1. Hey guys! I’m loving watching your adventure around this great country of ours! It’s a great thing to do I reckon & the kids will definitely benefit from the experience! Anyway have fun and we’ll see you guys when you get back!👍🏻😜

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  2. Good luck on your next adventure, where do you end up at the end of gibb river road. Hope you all took advantage of the no clothes beach to even up your tans. Love you all

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    • Gibb River road ends in Wyndam/ Kununurra mum. Not sure how long it will take us, probably 2-3 weeks I reckon. We kept our clothes on – the glare might’ve blinded others I reckon!


  3. Haha we got caught on that beach too.

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  4. My kids were horrified at the nakedness of the people, Trace! Mainly because the mean age of the group was 70+. Looks like you are having a ball (as in Tracey 😜) and I am feeling very jelly at the moment x

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  5. You make Broome sound so exciting

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  6. Was great to meet you guys and look forward to hearing all about the GRR, so excited for you!!! From the Smiths 🙂

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  7. Always wanted to do the Gibb River road. Can’t wait to see your photos!

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  8. Was it fun riding the camels?( Devon and Ella)

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