The Googs Track

Monday morning saw us head off on the next leg of our trip.  This was a bit of an adventure along The Googs Track.  This is a track that runs North from Ceduna for 180km to the Trans Line.  It was forged by one of the pastoralists in the area, nickname “Goog”.  He made it his mission to forge a track over the 360 or so sand dunes and he and his son spent every weekend doing so for about the next three years.

Ready to roll

Ready to roll

Showing the way

Showing the way

It was so much fun. Heaps of sand dunes, beautiful scenery and lots of wildflowers everywhere you looked.  


Googs Memorial


Memorial Money Tree


Lee and Joels adding to the memorial tree

After much fun on the sand dunes we found a very peaceful campsite for the night about halfway along the track.  

Dunes….lots of dunes!


Uncooperative dune!


Made it !


Lily enjoying the flora


Thai green curry in the camp oven…..yummo!


Loads of wilflowers.


Desert tracks

Day two saw lots more sand dunes, the appearance of Mt Finke, and some corrugations just to finish off.   


Mt Finke

Finally we made it to the end and headed east on the Trans Line passing through the very deserted town of Tarcoola and finally pulling in at Kingoonya where we enjoyed a few beers at the pub, a bit of street cricket and golf on the Main Street with the friendly locals.  We decided to camp the night at the campground in town, the allure of a flushing toilet proved too much for us girls!


The pub with no beer…or people


Tarcoola Station… waiting for the train


A welcome sight! Kingoonya Hotel


Golf on the main street of Kingoonya, also the only town boasting their own cricket pitch in the main street!

Next stop Coober Pedy,

Stay tuned! Xxx

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  1. Great hearing your news CampCleggett – feels like we’re right there with you, minus the dust! 🙂

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  2. So interesting

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  3. What a trip, love getting the news

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