Packing…..or not


This weekend kicked off race round in Kal, starting with the Boulder Cup. Good times….except we had some packing to do.  Next weekend we are heading off on a two week trip.  It’s a bit of a practice trip for the main event but mostly just an excuse to get out and enjoy ourselves.   We are heading over the Nullabor to Ceduna.  After that we plan to head along The Googs Track, East along the Trans Line to the Stuart Highway and then North to Alice Springs via Cooper Pedy. After a few days exploring Alice Springs we are heading around the loop to Kings Canyon and Yulara to see Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  Then it’s back home to Kal via the Great Central Road.

Back to the packing.  Our planned Sunday of packing started with a early morning call up inviting hubby to attend the infamous ‘Pig n Whistle’.  Don’t ask.  I resigned myself to packing solo for the day and, after a bit of a lie in, I got up to attack.  I got as far as packing the kids clothes before deciding packing alone is not fun and instead decided to watch a bit of telly and try to suss out this blog bizzo.

After playing around with the blog and having no joy, I tried unsuccessfully to harness the far superior IT knowledge of my 10 year old son to help me. Still no joy,  I decided it would be a far better idea to have a  wine than to throw my computer at the wall.

And so it is I ended up sitting on the back patio with a wine and a girlfriend discussing packing instead of actually doing it.  This was followed by a catch up drink with the next door neighbour and before I knew it the sun was down and the kids were ready for bed.  Still no sign of hubby.

Eventually he stumbled through the door and into bed and here I find myself writing the maiden post for our new blog.  And still not much packed.

Ah well… tomorrow is another day!

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