The Cape – P3 To the Tip and Back

I know, I know! You have been waiting patiently by the computer for weeks now to find out what happened on Part Three of our Cape York Adventure right?  Well, probably not, but it’s been a busy few weeks and all good intentions to update fell by the wayside while we have been busy enjoying ourselves.  So sorry about that, here goes!

After finishing the Tele track we headed to Loyalty Beach campground for the night.  It was lovely to see the ocean again, even if we couldn’t actually touch the water because of those big snapping crocs!

The next day we moved on out on our mission to reach the tip and headed for Punsand Bay.   Here we parked ourselves up for a week of rest and relaxation and of course a bit of sightseeing.  Punsand Bay was absolutely magic.  Our campsite had views of the ocean and a pool for  when the sight of the ocean became all too much and we just had to swim!  Crocodiles are everywhere up here and you swim in the ocean and rivers at your own peril. Needless to say we stayed well away and made full use of the pool instead.  On our first night here we watched twelve helicopters land on the beach, bringing in a group  of people on holiday.  Talk about travelling in style! It was definitely something you don’t see every day.

Now the 25th seems to have accidentally become the day we happen to do significant things on this trip.  We left Kalgoorlie on the 25th of April, we left WA on the 25th of June and the NT  on the 25th of July.  So in keeping with our accidental tradition we decided to wait until the 25th to go and see the northernmost tip of mainland Australia.  We headed off nice and early to beat the heat and the tourist buses and made it in time to set up the camera for a pic and take it all in before the hordes descended upon us.


A little strategically placed advertising!


So Close!


Our pinnacle!


Family Pic at the tip!



It was so great to finally get there and see it for ourselves.  It really was a magical view of the islands and ocean beyond.  On our way home we called into the Croc Tent and bought more souvenirs than necessary in celebration!


During our week at Punsand Bay we also spent some time exploring the area.  One day  we drove out to Somerset Beach and looked at the old settlement where the Jardine Family once lived. There was alot of historical monuments and relics of days gone by still around to  see.


Somerset Beach

On another day we drove out to have a look at some old plane wrecks from WW2 that were still remaining in the bush around the area.

We also spent a morning doing the five beaches drive which takes you south from Somerset Beach to five other beaches.  We were able to see turtles swimming in the channel along the way.

It was such a great week.  We met a few other families with kids the same age as Lockie and Lily as well and when we weren’t sightseeing they enjoyed some time with them.  Eventually however it was time to move on and after spending a day in Siesia getting the shocks fixed on the trailer we reluctantly headed south again.


The beautiful waters of Siesia

After spending a night at Moreton Telegraph Station we made our way to Wiepa.  We had been told by a few people not to bother with Wiepa, but we were glad we didn’t heed their advice because we really enjoyed it.  We spent a few days letting the kids recover from a few nasty bugs they had picked up somewhere along the way.  Once they were feeling better we did a trip out to Pennefather River for the day where we drove along the beach and did a spot of fishing.

Our campsite, which was under a beautiful big mango tree, became a bit of danger zone when the birds decided to feast on the mangoes.  The mangoes would drop from the trees unexpectedly from a great height. Phil got hit in the head, while Lockie got one in the kidneys while he was eating his coco pops one morning!


Weipa Sunset


Phil and Lil enjoying a moment!

After Weipa we headed to Lakefield National Park.  Here we spent a night at Hann Crossing.  We had a beautiful campsite right on the river all to ourselves.  It was incredibly picturesque.  However, once the sun went down we could hear crocodiles thrashing about in the water and a quick scan with the torch revealed many sets of red eyes scattered around the river!  Phil came upon a snake curled up right where he was about to have a fish and the sky was covered in bats at dusk as far as the eye could see.  It was a little unnerving and we didn’t sleep well that night!

The next day  we continued our drive through Lakefield National Park and stopped to check out Old Lakefield Station along the way.  No longer operating, the old buildings are all still standing and it was great to wander through and wonder what life would have been like back in those early station years.

Pulling out of Lakefield really marked the end of our Cape York Adventure.  From here we carried on back to Cairns, spending a night at Bustard Downs Station along the way.  After a few nights in Cairns we continued on down to Airlie Beach keen to see a little of the Whitsundays before heading inland.  We spent a day cruising around the Whitsundays, stopping for a morning at Whitehaven Beach and the afternoon at Hamilton Island.


The Glorious Whitehaven Beach!

What an amazing experience Cape York was.  I know we only saw a small sample of what it had to offer, and while I might not be that keen to do the Tele Track again (loved it really, but once was enough for me!), we would definitely love to come back again and explore  one day.

The next part of our Journey is heading out West into Queensland’s outback.

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