The Cape- P1 Cairns to Bramwell Station

Itching to get going on our Cape York Adventure, it was still a long time getting away from Cairns. We had more work to get done to the car and a few other odd jobs to do before we headed off finally at about lunchtime.  We travelled up along the coast past Port Douglas and eventually set up camp at a place called Wonga Beach, a lovely little caravan park right on a beach lined with coconut trees.


Wonga Beach

The following day we travelled north again. We did a little drive through Daintree Village before continuing on to catch the ferry over the Daintree river.  This takes you on a beautiful drive through the rainforest and beaches of Cape Tribulation. Cape Tribulation is where the rainforest meets the sea and there were lots of lookouts and beaches along the way.

From Cape Tribulation we intended to head along the Bloomfield Track, a 4wd track that goes through the rainforest through to Cooktown. Things came to a momentary halt though when, pulling into the car park at Cape Tribulation, we failed to notice a big rock in our path and drove straight over the top of it. With the car perched on top of the rock, we had to get out the jack and try to get the rock out, all the while feeling a bit silly for having not seen it in the first place.  We eventually got it out, but the tie rod was bent and would need to be fixed. For the time being the car was driving fine so we continued on to the Bloomfield track as planned.


The amazing rainforest of Cape Tribulation

The track was a beautiful drive through the rainforest with a couple of river crossings and some pretty steep sections to navigate along the way. We had no trouble as the track was dry, although I think it would be a bit trickier with wet, slippery roads.  Reaching the end of the track we drove though a few communities before almost driving past the Iconic Lions Den Hotel. Of course we had to do a quick u turn and check it out.

Then it was on to Cooktown where our planned two days turned into four while we got our tie rod fixed on the car before journeying on. Cooktown is named after Captain Cook.  It was here, his ship The Endeavour, hit a reef off Cape Tribulation. After managing to re-float the ship they bought it in to the Endavour River mouth, where they bought it ashore and worked for several months to rebuild and repair the ship before continuing on on their journey. The town of Cooktown was settled a long while after this as a port for the nearby Palmer Goldfields in the 1880’s.


Beach at Cooktown

We went to the lookout, which also has a small lighthouse. This hill was a hill that James Cook climbed in order to survey the river and inlet in search for the best way to get their ship back out to sea once it was repaired.


Looking out over the Endeavour River

We spent a day at the James Cook Museum, which used to be the convent, where we learned about the history of the town and area. The museum was very good in providing many different perspectives of Cooktown’s history, and we spent a long time reading and looking at all the displays. The kids were given a treasure hunt to complete which they enjoyed thouroughly.

After four days of rain in Cooktown we were glad to finally get going once our car was repaired, mid afternoon. We decided to get as far up the Peninsula Development Road as we could and get to the start of the Old Teleraph Track as quickly as possible.  That night we pulled in and camped at Musgrave Station.


The next day we continued on early, stopping at Archer River roadhouse for  lunch. After devouring a couple of their rather tasty burgers we headed for Bramwell Station via the town of Coen.

Bramwell Station is where the Old Telegraph track begins.  We set up camp for the night here and enjoyed a yummy buffet dinner and a bit of live music before heading to bed for the start of our next big adventure the following day.

Stay tuned for part two – The Old Tele Track!

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  1. Sunday session would be good at The Lions Den Hotel 🍻. Great photos and enjoying following your trip around Oz !!


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